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Lordz io

Lordz io

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About Lordz io

There are a lot of different io games today from different categories - if you love shooting games you can easily find something suitable for you but if you love strategy & battle games, let me introduce the most awesome and most addictive game which is called Lordz io. The game was created long time ago and there are a lot of prople who still play it every day. The fan base of the game is pretty big and this means that you will always find people online when you join the server. Let me tell you more about this awesome game : When you start playing this game it may seem a bit silly but you should keep digging to find our why people love it. At the beginning of the match, you start as a small warrior who don't have money to build his kingdom or train soldiers to create an army. You have to collect gold to start building your empire. In Lordz io there are different characters which have different boost power - for example some of them will give your archers attack boost while others can give your mages more HP. When you start playing the game you will understand this on your own.

How To Play Lordz Io

Playing this game is pretty simple, you control your character and army with the mouse and use spacebar to split your army. You can read more about this below in the section of Game Strategies. When you start the game you can either build your own base or just collect the gold and strike enemies. Building a strong base is very important because you have to secure the gold mines which you conquer and also secure the houses. Gold Mines are important because they generate gold needed for your army and the houses are for removing the limit of generating units. By default, you can train only 10 soldiers and that's pretty weak army. When you upgrade all the houses to the max, you can create army of 1000 units but keep in mind that the strong units like Trolls or Dragons count as 7 or 10 units so you must generate them as a part of the main army. There are also several defensive structures like archers tower or Mage tower. They have different power and also costs and the best strategy is to use them together to secure the gold mines.

Game Strategies

There are several winning strategies which will help you to achieve the success. The best one is to create a team with strong players near you which can protect you when you are weak. Time is very important in this game so you must use it wisely to build up mines and your kingdom until the enemies come to strike. When you are building your army, try to use different units to build a strong army - using only one type of units can make your army easy to kill. One more thing that you should keep in mind is that your army is fully controlled by you - the lord. If the enemy kills you he can make your army join his kingdom so use this feature wisely. You can hunt for big lords with army by fast strikes and army splitting. Let me explain more about splitting your army - when you have big army you can split it into several parts which are moving together. That's a great strategy to protect the lord and strike your enemy. But don't use it when you are under attack because the enemies can strike the place where your lord is and just kill you. There are a lot of other features in Lordz io which you will discover, like unlocking the cards which boost your skills and getting chests to unlock special bonus. Enjoy the full version of Lordz io for free at our website.

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