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Fly Or Die

Fly Or Die

About Fly Or Die

Most of the multiplayer games today use the same engine and the same gameplay - the only difference is the skins and backgrounds. Fly Or Die is an absolutely new style of game where you start the game being a small fly and have to survive in the world of predators to become bigger and one day become the predator yourself. To make the game more interesting, the developers created a lot of different steps of evolution where your character becomes bigger and gets additional skills as you level-up. So, the first step of evolution is fly and you have to find the right food to level-up. Most often, the food which is suitable for your character has a green circle while dangerous one has red circle. You must try to find the the food to move up on the ledder of evolution or you will just die. The name of the game is the main strategy itself - you fly or you die.

In Fly Or Die game, almost all characters can fly. The winning strategy in this game is to hide in the clouds when you notice a player which is bigger then you but remember then not all big players can make damage for you. Let me explain it more detailed - every creature in this game needs food and water to survive. In case of water everything is clear - you should dive into water to rise the water balance bar. When we are talking about food, here there are some special factors - at the beginning levels, your character requires food which can be found on the trees or on the ground - like small insects, nuts or bread. When you grow bigger you require more food with protein and as a result, you have to hunt the smaller players which are at the beginning stages of evolution.

One thing I can tell you for sure - the game requires a lot of practice. The full list of the characters with their food can be found in the game instuction. Keep in mind that Fly Or Die is suitable to play on all devices including smarphones and tablet Pcs. You are not required to install additional software to enjoy the game with hundreds of people all around the world. Have fun!

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